Admissions Process

Bridges Community Academy (BCA) Admissions Process as of November 12, 2014

We have outlined below the steps to our admissions process. Please be sure to let us know of any questions and/or concerns you may have.

•Initial contact is made via phone call, website or in writing
•Family will be contacted by Office Coordinator to: ◦Make an interview appointment for the prospective students and family to visit the school during school hours
•Director or member of admissions committee will: ◦Answer questions parents/guardians and/or prospective students may have during the tour
•At conclusion of initial tour, if interested in continuing the Admission Process, a Request for Records will be completed by parent/guardian.
•Student Shadowing can be scheduled and the advisory teacher will be notified of date of visit. Student will be brought to Advisor when they arrive and Advisor will orient the student for the day. At the conclusion of the shadow, the Content teachers will provide feedback to Advisor before scheduled meeting
•Parent and Student follow up meeting with Admissions Committee and Advisor Can be scheduled within two days of shadowing
•Records should be received before meeting (unless discussed by Admissions Team and approved)

During Meeting

•Review records and gather relevant history
•Students, family, admissions committee and Advisor to discuss classroom experiences, ask questions, etc.
•Discuss how BCA and parent can work together as a team to create a plan to meet the need of their child (ren)
•If it has been determined student(s) will be attending BCA, admissions date will be decided
•Initial WEP entered in Google Docs by AdvisorRegistration packet will be sent home or completed on site for day of enrollment.