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The vision of BCA is to inspire students to be successful and to be college, career, and community ready. The mission of BCA is to utilize the Common Core State Standards by engaging students’ individual learning styles through technology, differentiation and education plans designed for each student. BCA will build bridges among students, parents, teachers, community and technology. Bridges Community Academy (BCA) continues evolving as it partners with stakeholders: educators, parents and community leaders who continue to bridge the gap for “at risk” gifted learners in public schools. Enrollment is not limited to this group alone. Because of the rural nature of this geographic area, the public schools cannot adequately serve the specific population BCA is designed to serve. Students from Seneca, Hancock, Wyandot, Sandusky, and Marion Counties are served by BCA.


Bridges Community Academy (BCA) opened in Fall, 2004. BCA believes that parental involvement is critical to the success of each student, and opportunities for volunteer time is available in order to meet individual parental schedules. Community schools have been serving Ohio students since 1997. These schools are tuition-free public schools operated by a local governing board. Community schools are free of most local and state regulations so that they may be more flexible in serving a targeted student audience. Community schools give parents a choice for educating their children without the added cost of a private school.


If you would like additional information regarding Bridges Community Academy, please contact Cathy Smith at Bridges Community Academy 419-455-9295. You can also download the student application below and save it to your computer, complete it, and send the completed student application in an email attachment to Cindy Zak

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